Privacy starts in the code

Your hub for privacy management and privacy control programs across your cloud native environment

Key Benefits

Never overlook privacy programs across your organization

Privya eliminates manual processes & protects your most critical data by bridging the gap between the engineering, privacy, and data protection teams.

Comply easily with privacy laws and frameworks - GDPR, CCPA, CPRA, NIST, ISO

Easily comply with existing and future privacy regulations, by implementing data subject requests, privacy by design and more

Continuous visibility on how your PII data, data flow and landscape is evolving

No more surprises. Automated routine privacy compliance assessments let you always stay ahead of the curve and take the guess work out of privacy management and compliance

Work alongside engineering seamlessly

No need to ask or involve engineering for reports or insights. Get an inside view into engineering processes to help you make informed decisions for your organization's privacy program

Retroactively analyze your organization's legacy code

Retroactively analyze legacy code to assist with mapping PII data & usage, as well as flag privacy risks


In our customers words

Work together in compliance harmony

Privya reconciles the goals and roles of the different stakeholders, bringing together data protection officers, cyber security professionals, and engineers through its unique technology.


Manage privacy programs with real time
visibility into data flows

Continuously detect & remediate critical risks to private data for cloud native applications

Get a detailed analysis of your PI data flow, mapping and business logic

A detailed report and analysis of all PI data, apps and services is generated to ensure all data is processed in compliance with privacy, security and engineering requirements

Rapid privacy compliance issues through real time scan results

See privacy compliance issues quickly, before they lead to unacceptable outcomes such as privacy breaches and data leakages

Fix illegitimate processing of data with actionable advice

Fix privacy compliance issues with actionable insights and reports, before consumer trust is eroded, brand  is damaged and potential lawsuits

Put your privacy program on autopilot

Identify baseline deviations quickly and efficiently. Streamlining your privacy and compliance programs, while keeping them running in the background of your business 24/7

resource center

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