Imagine a world where data privacy is guaranteed.

We believe data privacy is a critical value and business opportunity for companies today.

Privacy starts in the code.

We bridge the gap between data protection requirements and compliance regulations and reality

Privya enables companies to build data protection into the development lifecycle…
Data protection is a shared responsibility across different teams throughout the company, which can cause a lack of accountability, miscommunication and misaligned methods and priorities. Privya eliminates manual processes and protects your most critical data by bridging the gap between engineering, privacy and data protection teams. Privya unifies and harmonizes the goals of all the different stakeholders, bringing them together through our unique technology.

Our Core Values


We work hard and are focused on positive end-results. The ideal outcome: our satisfied, long-term customers.


We find new ways to solve existing problems, using our creativity and technology expertise. We value agility and are not afraid to try unprecedented methods.


Our strong ethical principles guide our everyday decisions and actions. We aim for complete transparency with our employees, customers, shareholders and suppliers.


The trust that our customers and employees put in us is critical, and we act with their best interests in mind, following through on our commitments.

Our Story

Privya was founded in 2021 by a team of experienced technology and business executives who personally experienced the workload and challenges created by data protection issues in their respective companies, and knew there must be a better way. Coming from SaaS companies that needed to comply with GDPR, the chasm between the needs of the CISO, DPO and VP Engineering was severe, and the manual work needed to bridge that gap to comply with data protection regulations was daunting. Even the language used by the engineers and compliance officials was completely different. Logic indicated a technology solution to this problem must exist, so they went looking. What they found were several advanced technologies that were all complicated to implement, and designed for post-production use. None of the solutions on the market were part of the development life cycle, to build in privacy from day one. So the team started talking with design partners, mapping out the solution, and Privya was born.


Uzy Hadad, PhD


David Segev


Arthur Garmider


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