Data privacy engineering: built-in NOT bolted-on

Privya’s cloud-native approach enables Data Privacy by Design, so privacy and data protection is dealt with as part of the development life cycle, preventing future compliance violations.

The Privya Approach

Privya’s engine discovers and identifies Personal Data in your multiple data sources, maps the data flow and business logic. Privya’s engine translates the expertise of top data protection experts, turning the requirements of GDPR, CPRA, and compliance best practices into an automated architecture which informs the data inventory based on all the relevant data protection regulations’ categories. Privya’s user-focused applications provide risk scoring, detection of compliance violations and alerts about data vulnerabilities using its rule-based engine.

Automated data discovery & mapping

Privya automatically builds a relationship map between all services, storage systems and applications, and it identifies third parties where data is shared. It documents which personal and sensitive data are used where, and how data flows between the various elements. The process happens much more quickly, more comprehensively, and more accurately than any manual mapping process, and is continuously updated when triggered by your CI/CD.

Identify data protection regulations automatically

Privya automates enforcement and compliance with GDPR, CPRA, and 60 other data privacy regulations around the world. It perpetually tracks data elements and possible compliance risks before they take place, reducing regulatory exposure, preventing data leakage, and ensuring only necessary data is collected and used. It also creates actionable recommendations for Data Protection Officers and CISO teams to empower mitigation of potential data vulnerabilities or compliance violations.

Ensure Engineers, DPOs and GRCs speak the same language

Privya enables engineers to comply effortlessly with privacy requirements while coding. Instead of high-level guidelines that can be difficult and tedious to implement, Privya translates the data protection requirements into simple, understandable technical requirements, highlighting possible data protection are violations to developers, ensuring privacy and data protection are built into the code from day one as part of the SDLC.

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