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Privacy Talks: 
The (Not so) Hidden Cost of Privacy Debt

The (not so) Hidden Cost of Privacy Debt

As privacy concerns dominate the digital landscape, a new type of technical debt is emerging – privacy debt. This often overlooked issue is growing silently within many organizations, yet is seldom addressed with the urgency it demands.

As organizations continue to accumulate privacy debt, the ripple effects will be felt throughout the entire organization…
Both local and global businesses are likely to face the daunting task of having to reconcile their privacy debt, together with the personal data used to generate these debts.

Meanwhile, the tech industry is grappling with how to define, measure, and manage privacy debt, an increasingly important consideration for every organization.

Join our experts, Avishai Avivi and Uzy Hadad, in this enlightening 25-minute webinar, to learn:

  • What privacy debt is and why it’s important
  • How privacy debt accumulates over time
  • What steps can be taken to manage and reduce privacy debt

Watch now!

Uzy Hadad
Uzy Hadad


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