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Webinar: Privacy Starts In The Code … Welcome To Privya!

Although organizations spend millions of dollars every year to meet privacy regulations they do so using point-in-time questionnaires, developer interviews, and third party surveys.  Alternatively, Privya scans software code to objectively identify privacy risks significantly earlier than any other approach and speaks the languages of both developers and data protection officers and risk teams.  In this 45 minute webinar Patrick will illustrate how transitioning to an automated (and therefore continuous) workflow of PII discovery and mapping facilitates best-in-class privacy engineering far earlier in the software development lifecycle (i.e. the “shift left” mentality), which simplifies compliance, significantly reduces risk and costs, and facilitates privacy and protection by design.


Date : September 22, 2022

Time : 9:00 AM Pacific / 11: 00 AM Eastern



Presenter : Patrick Pushor

Patrick Pushor is the Director of Sales Engineering at Privya, where he is focused on leading technical sales and marketing efforts to provide education, training, and support for customers in maximizing the benefits derived from using the Privya automated PII discovery and mapping platform. Patrick brings over two decades of hands-on experience in technologies that have paved the way for privacy tech to evolve.  His passion is in educating customers around how to leverage the agility promised by utility infrastructure and modern agile software development while remaining confident that you understand your privacy posture and risk at any given moment.  He regularly meets with customers, presents at conferences, contributes to privacy and cloud community initiatives and testing/certification programs, and drives online discussions to build engagement.


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Patrick Pushor
Patrick Pushor


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